France PROTESTS Over Macron v Le Pen Election

This happens all over the world, not just the US or the one corner of Europe, corporations, and oligarchs have this in the bag a long time ago. They are lucky enough that people today are still kind enough to protest instead of chopping their heads off.  Over the past 5 years, Macron has effectively been a center-right authoritarian neoliberal president. Socially he has shifted way to the right, attempting to outflank Le Pen and others to his right. Most respectable commentators would now regard him to be more center-right than center-left. He often goes on about “Islamo-leftism” which is a right-wing talking point and kind of contradicts any labeling of him as a social liberal. Melenchon said to “not vote for Le Pen”, but not to necessarily vote for Macron.

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