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Noam Chomsky’s CONTROVERSIAL Ukraine Comments

Chomsky has always been principled on this issue. Chomsky says “we are responsible for what we do.” Of course, his view on Iraq is going to be qualitatively different than what the US ought to do in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The two wars aren’t comparable in terms of what US responsibilities are in regards of ending hostilities. I think this should be fairly obvious. As to “he wouldn’t say this to Iraqis, now would he?”, what he’s describing as basically inevitable is WHAT WE DID IN IRAQ. If fictional Chomsky had said it about Iraq, he would have been correct. Also, yes, the reason you talk about your own country in moral terms is to inspire a vision of change. Doing it on a foreign conflict is peak imperial brainrot. For people who are not us, analysis must be placed firmly in empirical fact, and the fact is that, as Chomsky said, the options are to fight “to the last Ukrainian” or some kind of negotiated peace, which will likely be strongly in favor of Russia, seeing as they are the larger country.


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