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  1. EXCEPT if the government forces the business to deal with that union. If the business cannot replace its work force, that business/union relationship is NOT ‘voluntary.’

    • What good would unions be if the capitalist class could just replace current employees with scab labor. This is one major reason business elites love mass immigration and push for endless amounts of it.

      • The issue is whether the union system is ‘voluntary’, not if it is ‘good’. If a company can be forced to deal with a union, it is NOT “voluntary”: It is being forced on the company, apparently by the government. No doubt the unions like the government forcing the companies to deal with the unions, but that is still the government forcing that system on the companies.

        • As long as business interests have the concentrated wealth and financial influence to essentially outright purchase favorable legislation and political candidates, strong unions are a necessity for workers. It is workers who are at a distinct disadvantage in terms of wealth, organization, and influence versus that if The Capitalist Class.

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