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Democrats can’t escape reality. They shouldn’t try.

By Joel Mathis, The Week

Democrats are going to have a tough time in this year’s midterm elections, but things will probably go worse for them if they try to reframe reality out of existence.

Take the crime issue. We know that murder rates rose dramatically in 2020, the last year of Donald Trump’s presidency, and that they remain elevated in many places across the U.S. Republicans have made hay with the issue, blaming “woke” district attorneys and a “defund the police” campaign that never really came to fruition.

But some Dems are pointing to a new study by the Third Way think tank showing that states carried by Trump in 2020 had a higher per-capita murder rate that year than states carried by Joe Biden. The states with the highest homicide rates? Mississippi, Louisiana, Kentucky, Alabama, and Missouri. Third Way dubbed this “The Red State Murder Problem,” and a few left-of-center folks have been eager to amplify that notion.


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