Left and Right

Infrared Haz and Jackson Hinkle discussion with Sameera Khan

It’s interesting how Communism is now considered to be right-wing extremism and how ultra-liberals like Glenn Greenwald and Matt Taibbi are now considered conservatives. In various places in this discussion, these folks sound like Tucker Carlson .

At one point, Sameera Khan says she prefers the Republicans because they are “incompetent imperialists” as opposed to the more competent approach of the DemocratsAbout 20 years ago, I wrote that Marxist-derived philosophies had become the world’s dominant ideologies, the neo-Trotskyism of the neocons, the Frankfurt School Marxism of the Western left and the post-Maoism of the CCP. Now, traditional Communism has become the new right-wing extremism and McGovern liberalism is the new conservatism. Ironically, capitalism is now more powerful and thrives more than ever.

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