Breaking Points: 3/24/22 FULL UNCUT SHOW

Krystal and Saagar talk about Putin being declared a war criminal, dissent within Russia, renewed discussions of nuclear war, Trump’s fails in GOP primaries, Kamala and Biden infighting, first amendment protections, investors restricting oil supply, Iraq War amnesia, and the future of the Iran nuclear deal!


Trita Parsi:

Timestamps: Ukraine: 0:0022:00 Nukes: 22:0139:25 Trump Fails: 39:2649:51 Kamala vs Biden: 49:521:00:21 Project Veritas: 1:00:221:11:04 Saagar: 1:11:051:17:17 Krystal: 1:17:181:28:07 Trita Parsi: 1:28:081:40:52

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