Can Artificial Intelligence Disrupt the Battlefield?

For Day 16 of The Realignment’s daily coverage of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Mark Valentine, Head of Federal at Scale AI and Air Force veteran/F-16 pilot, joins to discuss how artificial intelligence/machine learning tools teamed with human analysts will reshape the battlefield and scale the satellite-based reconnaissance that revealed Russia’s pre-invasion buildup.




0:00 – Introduction 1:23 – Mark’s background 5:24 – Mark’s experience in the no-fly zone in Iraq 8:06 – Mark’s work at Scale AI 15:25 – How far in the future is AI application? 21:43 – What are the norms around warfare in space? 24:59 – The importance of resilience in U.S. military networks/equipment 26:40 – Mark’s view on the future of warfare 31:52 – What does AI mean for the future of conventional military personnel? 36:53 – How are long-standing military ideas challenged by AI and technology? 40:15 – In what ways are humans better than AI? 44:55 – How will AI change conflict in the future? 50:46 – Where to learn more about AI

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