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  1. “Please vote yes on AB 1400.”
    Now is Calif. time to consider who needed real Medicare Benefit the ALL:
    • Low-income seniors who may rarely see a dentist, it is a far different story. And when they do they get a half a loaf; they barely get a slice. According to the American Dental Assoc’s Health Policy Institute, 26 percent of Medicare beneficiaries don’t seek dental care because they can’t afford it.
    • Comprehensive Medicare for coverage means providing low-income seniors with a full range of affordable health and dental services they

    • Approx. 67% percent of Hispanic seniors and 70 percent of Black seniors have incomes below 300%of the federal poverty level.

    Provide a l Benefit to “All” Medicare Beneficiaries, The current House bill does not help those who need it the most, The proposed dental benefit in the House bill imposes high patient co-pays. That minimum dental benefit gets even less. For low-income seniors, who often must choose between food and housing, the high Medicare co-pays for major dental procedures will make access to dental care unattainable.
    Calif. must provide a Health and dental benefit to all Medicare patients, rich and poor alike, or provide low-income seniors with a comprehensive affordable dental benefit that will significantly help those in need.

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