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US, Russia Spar Over Ukraine At Confrontational U.N. Meeting

Senior National Security Correspondent, Defense One
Russian official claims the U.S. is trying to “drive a wedge” between Moscow and Kyiv with “unfounded accusations.”

Russia issued a scathing public rebuke of America on Monday, saying the United States is “whipping up tensions” based on “unfounded accusations” that Moscow is preparing to launch a military strike on Ukraine.

The meeting at the United Nations Security Council did nothing to turn down the temperature as the threat of conflict looms in eastern Europe, and underscored the chasm between the American and Russian perspectives.

Vasily Nebenzya, the Russian ambassador to the United Nations, repeatedly emphasized that Russia has deployed forces only within its own country. He said that it was wrong to say that the forces were on the border with Ukraine. He alleged that the United States is “whipping up tensions and rhetoric and…provoking escalation” despite Russia’s insistence that it is not planning a military invasion.

“What’s happening today is yet another attempt to drive a wedge between Russia and Ukraine,” Nebenzya said through a translator. “The Ukrainians are actively being brainwashed.”

The United States and its allies are trying “to prevent the natural brotherly coexistence” of Ukraine and Russia, he continued.


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