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George Orwell’s ‘1984’ Given A Trigger Warning In The UK — University Deems It ‘Potentially Offensive’

By Chrissie Marie, Newsbreak

A British university slapped George Orwell’s novel 1984 with a trigger warning following concerned some students might find it “offensive and upsetting.” The novel examine the how the role of truth and facts in a society can be manipulated under a dictatorship. The school decided the materials in the book could be upsetting to some students and labeled it as “explicit materials” on the cover of the book.

According to Breitbart News, the English department at the University of Northampton warned students taking the class, “Identity Under Construction” they might find the subject matter upsetting or offensive. The school decided the fragile generation might have a problem with the novel’s anti-totalitarianism ideals.

Orwell’s Works Deemed ‘Offensive And Upsetting

The module for the class stated the course will examine the study of literature and poetry through the lens of feminism, postmodernism, and post-colonialism. The primary focus of the class was examining the “constructions of identity, around issues such as race, class, gender and sexuality.”


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