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The Greater Reset: Empowering Humanity With Solutions to Create a Better World

By Free Thought Project

In June of 2020, the World Economic Forum launched an initiative known as The Great Reset—an agenda seeking centralization of power over the planet’s resources in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic to reshape the direction of humanity under the guise of economic reform and sustainable development.

Soon thereafter, people around the world began to recognize what it really was; a megalomaniacal power grab by the ruling class. As the pandemic rolled on and governments continued imposing more tyrannical health mandates on their own citizens, a global uprising against this “new normal” was sparked.

Critical thinkers quickly came together to launch their own initiative: The Greater Reset. An effort to educate, inspire and galvanize the public to pursue peaceful means of opposing the implementation of the World Economic Forum’s vision for the planet’s future.

Organized by investigative journalist Derrick Broze, The Greater Reset has now hosted two multi-day events in Mexico and Texas featuring dozens of empowering speakers and workshops aimed at providing solutions to those who wish to build a freer, more peaceful, and prosperous world instead of living in 1984 under the Technocratic State.

On January 26, the movement for a People’s Reset returns for it’s third installment! The Greater Reset 3: Integration.

The Greater Reset 3: Integration


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