Left and Right

The Need for a New, New, New Left

What Nicky describes here is a perfect summary of what is wrong with today’s “Left.” ATS was created in part to challenge the hegemony of what might be called the “anti-iconoclastic left.” Most of today’s “leftists” are actually late 19th century/early 20th century progressives, only they have done an about-face on race and gay rights. Otherwise, they have a lot more in common with Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson than with Eugene Debs and Emma Goldman.

By Nicky Reid

I’ve come to see that the primary difference between myself and the modern left is modernity itself. I come from a school of the New Left where iconoclastic thinkers like Paul Goodman, Ivan Illich, Michel Foucault, Jacques Ellul and Herbert Marcuse questioned the validity of civilization itself and challenged all of its authoritarian structures- prisons, schools, psychiatry, gender, sexuality. Sadly, this tradition seems to be dead even on the far left. Only radical libertarians and third positionists seem to be asking these questions anymore. The left has fallen into a coma of reaction that I fear they’ll never wake from. But I’ll keep lighting matches beneath their feet just in case.

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