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The Capitalist Manifesto: Conrad Black on invincibility of capitalism and re-establishing America’s place in the world

The neocon/superhawk/supplyside alliance is hoping they’re going to get another Reagan 1980 moment in 2024.

By Conrad Black, National Post

The resumption of American national renovation in 2024 will re-establish the unambiguous superiority of American influence in the world, and particularly its economic model.

Dec. 26 will mark the 30th anniversary of the disintegration of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and with it, the collapse of international communism. Political scientist Francis Fukuyama spoke for many when he said that we were “at the end of history,” and that there would be no political evolution beyond what appeared to be the total triumph of liberal democracy. This can clearly be seen now as a hopeful view inflated by triumphalism. China has risen to take the place of the Soviet Union, which itself replaced the Nazi German Third Reich as the principal rival to western democracy. One could easily imagine, looking at the feeble and inadequate regime now in office in Washington and imagine that the West, haltingly led by the United States and infested by appeasers and defeatists, was once again under severe challenge by a transoceanic, totalitarian power. Showing unsuspected powers of improvisation, the international left that was completely defeated in the Cold War vanished into the undergrowth, but almost spontaneously returned as champions of environmentalism. If capitalism could not be defeated by a competitive economic system, Marxism, it shortly found itself in mortal combat with the old left now in alliance with the authentic, if often tedious, conservationists in a holy assault on capitalism as an environmental threat to the future of the planet itself.


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