Our Friend, the Trump Propagandist

This is an interesting piece by two centrist neocons who discuss the infiltration of Trumpism by right-neocons. There seems to have been a genuine split in neocon circles over how to respond to Trumpism. There are those like Kristol, French, Will, Brooks, Frum, the Kagans, Goldberg, and Hayes who prefer the “new popular front” approach, in the sense of forming an alliance with centrists, liberals, and progressives against Trumpism.  This faction can easily co-opt the Left because the Left is paralyzed by right-wingophobia. There are those who want to embed themselves in Trumpism like Horowitz and the Podhoretz clan. There are those who are trying to create a parallel “Trumpism without Trump,” the so-called “national conservatives” like Thiel and Prager. And then there are Trumpist/Never Trumper fence straddlers like Shapiro.

By Ronald Radosh, Sol Stern New Republic

According to our old friend David Horowitz—the radical leftist turned thoughtful conservative turned Trump propagandist whom we’ve been acquainted with, in his various political guises, for more than 60 years—America is on the brink of destruction by way of a communist takeover that only the patriots of the MAGA movement can prevent. That’s the main message in Horowitz’s new book, The Enemy Within: How a Totalitarian Movement Is Destroying America. On the book’s cover are portraits of the seven Democrats allegedly plotting the revolution: Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Ilhan Omar.

The third book Horowitz has published about Trump since 2017, The Enemy Within is even more of a jihad against liberals and progressives than his previous two (both bestsellers). Horowitz’s justification for writing yet another Trumpist screed is that, in the aftermath of the Democrats stealing the 2020 election, an event he describes (in lip sync with the former president) as “the greatest political crime in the history of the country,” the “totalitarian” threat the party poses is now imminent.

The book begins with a lamentation: “Americans are more divided today than at any time since the Civil War.” The trouble is that almost everything Horowitz has recently written has been calculated to fan the flames of division. Yet he can’t make up his mind whether the tyranny the Democrats are about to install would be more like twentieth-century communism or fascism. He asserts, for example, that the diversity training programs favored by Democrats are akin to the surveillance system of “people’s commissars” created by the Bolsheviks. In practically the same breath, he announces that the Biden administration “has clearly defined itself and its party as a fascist vanguard.”


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