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  1. 27 years ago, I wrote and published my Assassination Politics essay, https://cryptome.org/ap.htm which not only argued that violence against government is justifiable under libertarian principles, but also that a system to encourage and even assist in that can be constructed.

    In principle, all people should be able to anonymously donate money to a set of funds, one per target, which are offered to anyone one who correctly ‘predicts’ the date of death of a targeted individual. ‘Predictors’ who decide that the reward is sufficient could make their prediction, include some digital cash (to deter random predictions), and then the prediction will be encrypted an published in that encrypted form. They might choose to make their ‘prediction’ come true.

    Nobody other than the ‘predictor’ will know what date, or even the named target, will be. Eventually, if the prediction comes true, this prediction will be opened automatically and published, so that everyone can see what event was being predicted. There will be a mechanism to prove that the person who made the prediction is the one who receives the reward:. Nevertheless, nobody other than the predictor will know who he is.

    This system that I have described will use the modern technologies of digital cash (akin to Bitcoin and other coins), anonymization networks (akin to TOR), and good encryption (akin to PGP). See Ethereum and Augur for an imaginative method.

    This system will destroy all militaries, all wars, all taxes, and all governments, forever. It will make and enforce a system of true anarchy:. Actually, no government, not just a replacement.

    Sadly, this idea has been neglected by the public, even by libertarian theorists and anarchist theorists.

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