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Class and Caste

Quite a bit could be learned about Western politics by examining electoral patterns in India. The Democrats are an alliance between the Brahmins and Dalits and the Republicans are an alliance between the Vaishyas and Shudras, while the Kshatriyas are divided between the Democrats and Republicans, depending on their function.

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  1. You’re leaving out another caste the Dalit: illegal aliens and unassimilated minorities, especially ones whose language, culture, food and physical appearance is too alien to ‘pass for white’ (including Caucasoidal proxies like East Asians) or black (in the American sense, who are mostly Shudra and are very much American of not Caucasian, just as Shudra are very much Aryan of not Brahman). Dalit are almost entirely Democrat supporters or apolitical, because the Republicans refuse to admit that they’re citizens and worthy of anything but deportation, or they define them or of existence by conceptualizing minorities on a spectrum from Ted Cruz Hispanics and Thomas Sowell blacks to Michelle Malkin orientals. White trash are arguably also Dalit simply because they violate caste laws by becoming welfare and drug addicts, just as a Shudra can fall in caste by doing work reserved for untouchables.

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