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“Quebec is at the forefront of the decline of the West”

Jerome Blanchet Gravel, Westphalian Times

The essayist and journalist Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel recently published his book “Un Québécois à Mexico” (Harmattan). For the occasion, Quebec Nouvelles columnist Simon Leduc interviewed the author.

What prompted you to write a book about your experience in Mexico, and more specifically in the gigantic city of Mexico?

Jérôme Blanchet-Gravel: As I write in the prologue, my encounter with Mexico was born of my simple curiosity. I have been attracted to the Spanish-speaking world in general for several years, and in July 2018, I decided to go to Mexico City for the first time to discover the city. We can then talk about a love at first sight. It was first of all the feeling, even the certainty of finding myself in a world much more alive than our own that motivated me to undertake the writing of this story.

It is a book about Mexico, but it is also a book about the malaise of the West and of Quebec in particular. It is a book about an extraordinarily lively culture and, at the same time, about a Quebec society that no longer really knows how to live.

Since the pandemic, Quebec spends its time running away from life for fear of death, a tendency that its statist and maternal vision of society had well prepared.


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