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The Empire That Cried Genocide: Washington’s Exploitation of Ethnic Brutality from Rwanda to Xinjiang

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

The American Empire is crying genocide again. It’s an old song that the war class loves to sing, but one that never fails to get their compliant colleagues in the mass media dancing. No matter how woke these presstitutes pretend to be they always jump at the opportunity to virtue signal over the flag of some poorer nation of color and wax philosophic about the cultural superiority of western democracy as if they’ve never smelled a dead Indian. It’s the kind of absurdly hypocritical prestige racism that only sells with perfect government-corporate synergy. This time the tragedies being sung about are that of the Muslim Uyghur population in the Xinjiang region of China and the Tigrayan minority of northern Ethiopia, and let there be no mistake, fucked up shit is certainly happening in these corners of the world even if America is shamelessly capitalizing on it.

In Xinjiang the Chinese are rounding up Uyghurs in large numbers and sending them to what the Communist Party claims are vocational camps designed to improve employability of the local Muslim population and eliminate the root causes of local Islamic extremism. If you buy that then I have a pottery school to sell you in Treblinka. There are all manner of horror stories surfacing from the region. Stories of demolished mosques, re-education camps, and forced sterilization, and the White House is naturally jumping at the opportunity to use this for ammunition in their new Cold War with China, pulling out all the stops with a diplomatic boycott of the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics and fresh new rounds of economic sanctions.

America is assuming a similar posture towards the government of Ethiopia which is currently engaged in a bloody civil war with the self-styled Tigray People’s Liberation Front. The government of Abiy Ahmed has ordered an invasion of their northern Tigray Province and declared a nationwide state of emergency complete with imposed curfews and a total media blackout. Once again, the western press is buzzing like a chorus of power tools with horror stories about house-to-house raids, mass rape, and mass graves, and the US has responded by ending Ethiopia’s coveted special trade status and publicly threatening the already impoverished African nation with official declarations of genocide and all the usual sweeping economic sanctions and possible military interventions that come with it.

The only problem here is that neither one of these stories are nearly as black and white as the official government-corporate narrative and both are marred by deep seated conflicts of interest on the part of the would-be saviors in Wahington’s imperial bubble. While there are certainly concentration camps in Xinjiang there is also a long raging war on terror in the region, one that America once openly supported during the Bush regime by designating the local Al-Qaeda affiliates in the East Turkestan Islamic Movement terrorists and excepting its combatants into our own exclusive concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay. These rugged separatists have only recently been removed from this list and reborn as freedom fighters since the Xinjiang region has become an essential highway in China’s attempts to expand their economic footprint across Central Asia and into Europe with their ambitious Belt and Road Initiative. This is when the horror stories began to proliferate and while there are some very credible accounts surfacing from individuals in the region, most of the of the stories of widespread abuse seem to originate from the same handful of highly suspect sources.


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