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The Single-Mindedness of the Democratic Party

By Paul Gottfried, American Greatness

If Democrats can get their way legislatively within the next few months, they may do better than expected in November.

The Greek historian Polybius begins his history of the Punic Wars by explaining that Rome “from the beginning” was driven by a single purpose (prothesis). This was nothing less than the extension of Roman domination over much of the world. In a similar way, the Democratic Party seems motivated by a single aim, which, as far as I can tell, is the establishment of a one-party dictatorship. The current (in name only) chief executive, as well as Democratic congressmen, have become expendable in advancing this clearly defined goal. Indeed, Democratic politicians even seem willing in some cases to sacrifice their careers to assist their party’s drive for power.

For example, keeping the southern border open for the benefit of illegals, who can eventually be turned into Democratic voters, is negatively impacting Biden’s poll numbers. His approval rating on this issue sank by July to 33 percent. But the Democratic president has held to this course despite the lack of popular approval.  Americans are also souring on Build Back Better because of its likely inflationary effects. But this bill does have the advantages of bestowing on illegals $8.2 billion in gifts. Once these illegals are made into citizens (courtesy of the Democratic Party), they can then help keep Biden’s party perpetually in office. Needless to say, BBB’s passage will hurt Democratic congressmen trying to get reelected in red states. But that may be a small price to pay for expanding the party’s base.


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