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The fake struggle between workers and consumers

This week, we’re joined on KK&F by Maximillian Alvarez, host of Working People podcast and editor-in-chief at The Real News. In the wake of recent news about the tragic, needless deaths of six workers at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer this year, Krystal sat down with Max for a necessary conversation on the mainstream narratives putting customers’ convenience over workers’ needs, the ongoing legacy of Reagan-era fetishization of wealth, and the problems and potential we see in current bipartisan support of strikes.

We’re at the peak of a season of hyper-consumerism, where the main struggles covered in mainstream media are not low wages and long hours for retail workers but supply chain issues delivering late holiday gifts. Against this backdrop, Max points to the fake conflict set up between customers and workers in our capitalist society — and why it doesn’t serve anyone except the CEOs. Right-wing talk radio and local news are breeding grounds for the idea that strikes, during which workers withhold their labor to strengthen workplace protections and benefits, come at a significant cost to the customer, who is deprived of those goods or services until the strike concludes.


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