American Decline

Governing Elites Are Destroying the Nation They’re Supposed to Run

By J.B. Shurk, American Thinker

A friend of American Thinker, understandably upset about the unraveling of America around us, reached out with a heartfelt question: how did we as a society come to behave so acrimoniously toward one another?

The two words that stood out to me while turning this question over in my mind were “we” and “society.” Who “we” are as Americans has changed radically over the last half-century, and during that time, the political sphere in America has eaten away and destroyed the independence of the civic sphere we traditionally call “society.”

Consider these facts:


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  1. America never was a nation. It’s always been various incompatible cultures welded together by war, taxes and imperialism. I find conservative patriotardism is just willfully ignorant of these long running divisions and oppressions, because feeling like they’re ‘tru Muricans’ is their consumerist identity.

  2. America isn’t a nation and the fake elites are a criminal gang. The problem isn’t the criminal gang, it’s the retards who refuse to recognize these facts. I cannot summon the smallest iota of sympathy for Americans anymore, everyone I like basically hates most Americans and their society. Same goes for Russia. 90+% of the people in this country, if they were sent to a gulag, will be getting the business end of what they ask for. I have zero social, intellectual or emotional connection to them.

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