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  1. If Todd Lewis wasn’t obsessed with tedious arguments about the NAP, UBI and agrarian fantasies I would like his show but I just can’t do it. He has similar interests to me but cares about exactly the things I don’t. It’s not even that we disagree (we agree on many things) it’s just the perspective of a pseudo-Mennonite agrarian moralist encapsulates everything that I don’t care about.
    The Kingpilled podcast is much the same, I tend to agree with some of their points but they’re obsessed with eastern orthodox theology (LARPy, cringe, irrelevant esoteric and clearly false), lifestyle moralizing (I don’t care about how normies live, or die), the simulation hypothesis (such trash, bogus and boring) and bringing back a belief in magic (magic doesn’t exist) to support their reactionary wing political hopes (the right needs to move forward and secularize, practical atheism will never recede in any wealthy country even if you think it would be good if it did, because religion is so easy to disprove to anyone not already brainwashed in it).
    Keith, however, is awesome and I always look forward to his take.

  2. My response to a comment on there about how ‘this is like the 70s, but worse because there’s less trust and cohesion’

    Meh, the left today is insane but the right has largely always been trash. Normies are just bad people and poorly suited for mass society and that won’t change. I prefer the Epicurean approach of ‘fuck them, I’ll take care of myself and my people’. I find society sort of interesting from several angles but I don’t think it was ever good, or really even better, just different. I don’t think individual action can do anything to affect it productively in a way that would benefit me. Feeling responsible for broader society and low IQ normie breeders is a delusion created by our evolutionary psychology in small groups where our opinions and actions mattered. If you think that’s still true you don’t understand social psychology or statistics.

    I think that trust, cohesion and morality are often as not bad things because they’re maladapted to mass society and lead to things like WW2, whereas now people would rather leave the country than fight for it. Things that satisfy normies emotionally are usually stupid and destructive, and if everyone else has to be miserable so I don’t have to put up with their ape tribal psychosis I’m happy to make that trade off.

    The idea that people should even care about wider society is itself an unhealthy obsession derived from erroneous mental settings caused by jungle tribal evolution. It’s better to just not care and realize it’s not your problem.

    The trouble today is not that people don’t have religion or morals, or are individualistic, it’s that they’re hyper moralized, culty and herdish. Over socialization as Kaczynski would put it. Modern society is not the failure of Anglo religion and morality but it’s fulfillinment. It was always going to turn out this way.

    If you’re not a misanthropic pessimist, if you’re still trying to analyze things in terms of how to make normies get along, you’re not understanding the real nature of the problem.

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