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Never Mind the Bol%ocks: Why MODERN MUSIC SUCKS

Back in the late eighties/early nineties, all these bands constantly championed freedom of speech, free expression and hated the idea of censorship. It was all about freedom and ‘f**k you to the man. That attitude suited them when they were considered ‘fringe’ back in the day. The conservatives they raged about were often pretty vocal about their disapproval of these artists, but to their credit, they never actually shut them down or canceled them. Fast forward 25-30 years to where we are today and the ideologies of these bands and artists are now mainstream. They won the culture war and now they are the establishment. So what do these aging hypocrites do? They aggressively support censorship, sh*t all over the idea of free speech which they now see as dangerous, and dehumanize/denounce anyone who doesn’t brainlessly conform with mandates handed down by increasingly totalitarian authorities.

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