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Back to the Land – Orthodoxy and Agrarian Economics

Father Steven Allen(Orthodox Truth)

Recently, while in Serbia to visit family, I had the pleasure of giving two lectures to an association of young people dedicated to Orthodoxy, monarchism, and Serbian patriotism.  As are we here in the States, they also are facing the prospect of persecution by the current rise of the totalitarian World State, and they also are facing the need perhaps to provide for themselves outside the finance-oligarchy-controlled economic system.  With this in mind, I thought it opportune to get them thinking about an Orthodox perspective on economics based on land ownership and providing one’s own living through the labor of one’s hands, and what resulted was two lectures that also fit in well with many of the concerns we are addressing in Orthodox Survival Course.  So it makes sense to share these talks with you too.

We have already addressed the topic of a truly Orthodox economics, in our recent talk on Christian Marriage, when we spoke of the married couple as a new Adam and Eve tilling the garden of their family property in response to the Lord’s command to labor given both before and after the Fall. I suggest you go back to Orthodox Survival Course #64, “Male and Female He Created Them,” and re-listen or re-read the section entitled “Be fruitful and multiply…have dominion…”.


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