Uyghur Sentenced to Death for Textbooks

By Pansecession News

For the crime of mentioning the existence of the 1940s East Turkestan Republic in a previously state sanctioned public school textbook, Sattar Sawut the former head of the Xinjiang education department has been given a suspended sentence of death for publishing “separatism” that led to the incitement of terrorism as well as an unclear reference to bribery. The former justice department head Shirzat Bawudun has also been given a death sentence for taking bribes from the East Turkestan Islamic Movement, and four lower level officials have also been given harsh sentences. Springtime of Nations has put out a video about the East Turkestan Republic and more on the history of Uyghur Nationalism here and we have a text page on our site here. Criminalizing the publishing of history, and retroactively to boot, is outrageous and just another sign that China has no moral claim on the Uyghur people and they deserve their own homeland. May Thousand Flowers Bloom!


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