Yes, Ancaps Are Anarchists

By Byron, Springtime of Nations

This is the transcript of a video that appeared on the Springtime Of Nations youtube channel:

If you’ve ever seen socialists talk about anarcho-capitalism you’ve probably noticed that they are very insistent that it is not a form of anarchism. Often they’ll even refuse to write the word without quotation marks on the “an”. Their argument is that Anarchism has historically referred to an ideology which advocates forcible collectivization or redistribution of private property, and which treats the traditionally organized private business as equivalent to or even worse than the state. So, are they correct in this claim? Spoiler alert: No. After a ton of research, I’ve put together a fairly comprehensive explanation of why that is. So sit back, settle in and enjoy. This is Byron with Springtime Of Nations, and today: the history of Anarchism.

Ok, so before we get into this, I have to point out that any question that can be formulated as “is X Y” is dependent on the definitions of X and Y, which are not objective facts. Language is just a tool to communicate, and the word “anarchism” is just a sound that I’m making with my monkey mouth right now to try to communicate some idea to you other monkeys watching this. If I told you that by “anarchist” I meant someone who watches Neon Genesis Evangelion, than it may be prudent for you to just accept that and use a different word for the political ideology, at least in the context of that particular conversation.


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