Why Anarchists Can’t Be Absent From the New Wave of Labor Militancy

It’s Going Down

Anarchists must push for self-organization, direct action and mutual aid in the midst of a wave of mass strikes, workers walking off the job, and growing anger at rising inequality.

The month of October was the start of what has been called “Striketober” a massive wave of labor strikes across the so called United States. An estimated 100,000 workers mobilized on the job as their union contracts expired and while this is normal protocol for unions what happened next was inspiring. A “rank and file” revolt began at various unions, disregarding union admin’s wishes and demanding more. UAW workers at John Deere voted down a contract enforced by UAW officers, Kellogg workers are demanding more than what their job and previous union contracts have given. On top of this, there has been immense internal change for business unions. The Teamsters, long dominated by the son of Hoffa, and his particular strategy of screwing over workers, was dethroned by a grassroots Teamsters movement that promised more militancy. After a decades long grassroots campaign, UAW workers recently won democratic voting for it’s union structure. This signals an increased militancy or want of militancy by rank and file union members.


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