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New Zealand BANS smoking: Radical new laws will stop young people from EVER buying cigarettes as nation goes ‘smoke-free’ – so is Australia set to follow?

Where totalitarian humanism meets the therapeutic state. But good news for the cartels. If I were an international drug lord, I would already be laying the foundation for market entry into New Zealand’s tobacco black market, which I am sure the Pacific drug cartels are already doing.

By Kevin Airs For Daily Mail Australia

  • Anyone aged under 14 will be banned from EVER buying cigarettes in their life
  • The age limit will be increased each year until it’s illegal throughout New Zealand
  • The target is to wipe out smoking entirely by 2025 as part of a 15-year program
  • A poll in Medical Journal of Australia found most backed a ban on cigarette sales

New Zealand is banning young people from ever being allowed to buy cigarettes in a rolling program that aims to make the entire country smoke-free by 2025.

No-one under the age of 14 will ever be allowed to buy cigarettes in their lifetime in a desperate bid to eradicate smoking from the country.

Each year the age limit will be increased until it’s illegal for the entire nation under NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Adern’s radical plan.


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