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Courtney Love says she has Elon Musk’s private emails

The Verge

Courtney Love Cobain, Elon Musk, Bernie Sanders, and Kendall Roy are all in the running to be Friday’s Main Character on Twitter after a single tweet where the queen of ’90s grunge music Twitter-scolded the Tesla CEO for his mean reply to the Vermont senator (we’ll get to Kendall in a sec).

According to Love, she was bcc’d on Musk’s “str8, male, PayPal mafia email group” for months. “With that information in mind, don’t you think in a ‘civilized society’ one should embrace paying our fair share of tax?” she tweeted on Thursday. She attached a screengrab of Musk’s November 14th reply to Sanders’ tweet that asserted, “We must demand that the extremely wealthy pay their fair share. Period.” Being one of those extremely wealthies, Musk apparently took umbrage and replied to the 80-year-old senator: “I keep forgetting you’re still alive.”

That didn’t sit right with Love, apparently. “Don’t pick on Bernie. It’s Kendall Roy shit,” she instructed him, adding the name of the erstwhile Number One Boy from the HBO drama Succession. Kendall, you see, has tried to score points in the court of public opinion by calling out the many misdeeds of his family’s company, especially patriarch Logan Roy. If you have watched Succession, you know how ludicrous it is for Kendall to depict himself as the “good” guy (if you have not watched it, remedy that asap) and that he is a very wealthy, generally weaselly fella who, for some reason, craves approval, sometimes seeking it from random tweets on Twitter.


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