UAE to build 300 MW power projects in Iran’s Khuzestan

My impression for a while has been that while the UAE are the KSA’s bitches when it comes to their role in the Anglo-Zionist-Wahhabi axis, they also tend to resent their junior partner status in relation to the KSA and want to pursue a more independent path. For instance, they may work with the KSA in Yemen (although they seem to have actually pulled back their participation in the coalition a bit), they will still try to work the KSA and Iran against each other. It seems to be a situation similar to the conflict between the KSA and Qatar. Even though the KSA and Qatar are the world’s only two formally Salafi states, they still hate each other’s guts, so while the KSA and its allies move closer to Israel, Qatar has increasingly moved toward the Turkish orbit. A social media commentator offers the following observations:

“1- was wondering why the Houthis never attacked Dubai and Abu Dhabi even though everyone knows that the ruler of Abu Dhabi is MBS god father and his mentor and their treachery knows no bounds.
Now we know why. There are a lot of Iranians in Dubai with massive connections back to Irán.
2- as long as we have neoliberal economists, bankers, politicians and clerics in power who are clueless and pro capital and pro west who have bought into the notion that without foreign investment Irán will never be competitive or become an advanced economy we will continue to have these types of decisions.
3- Irán’s rich and Nuevo rich have lots more in common with their counterparts in UAE, Kuwait, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia and their ultimate masters in west than the ordinary Iranians who they are supposed to represent. This is a massive failure on the part of current leadership in Tehran over the last 33 years. The trajectory of economic policies combined with reactionary social policies and enhanced with a systematic attempt to destroy the very notion of a Republic has brought Irán to its current domestic nightmare. Ofcourse the zio-imperialists are more than happy to fully take advantage of the inherent idiocy of these policies and actions and they have no problem bringing additional fire to the mayhem.
4- the current administration has no specific economic plan that I know of other than the fact to revive all those privatized, destroyed and plundered factories and institutions back to life, putting fired and laid off workers back to work and address some very urgent social and economic issues in order to avoid a social explosion.
5- The ruling clerics idiocy, ignorance, corruption and complete disconnect from society at large has allowed them to focus on women’s dress and hijab and other insignificant issues that they managed to completely discredit themselves with no outside help needed.
6- the key question I have is why has the leader allowed: corruption, nepotism, favoritism, abuse of power, neglect of Haghol Nas to go on for such a long time?”

Press TV

An Emirati company specializing in renewable energy has signed an initial agreement to install 300 megawatts (MW) of power capacity in Khuzestan province in southwest Iran, a report says.   

Under an MoU signed between Managing Director of Khuzestan Regional Electric Co. Mahmoud Dasht-Bozorg and AJ Holding CEO Allan Jespersen, the Dubai-based company has undertaken to build gas-fired thermal, solar and wind power plants in the hydrocarbon-rich province.

“The memorandum states that the maximum capacity of the power plants to be built at any point should not exceed 25 MW,” Bargh News, a news outlet dedicated to Iran’s electric power industry, reported.


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