Why Trump’s 2022 endorsements are ‘earlier, bolder, and more dangerous’ than before

By Brigid Kennedy The Week

Many things have changed since former President Donald Trump left office, and his strategy for endorsing political candidates is no exception; in fact, the ex-commander in chief’s 2022 endorsements are “earlier, bolder, and more dangerous than when he was president,” argues FiveThirtyEight.

As for the first point, Trump has, as of Dec. 7, endorsed 31 candidates in Republican primaries for roles in the Senate, House, and state governorships; that is “more than double the number of candidates Trump had endorsed by the end of December 2019,” writes FiveThirtyEight. And such premature recommendations potentially dissuade other Republican challengers from entering a race while also helping Trump “solidify his influence” in the GOP.


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  1. I’m with “him” ! We need the right people in office to fight along side of him when he wins back the WH – and they will not steal it away from us this time,,, !

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