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How Nirvana Rocker-Turned-Special Forces Veteran Jason Everman Rediscovered the Music

By Hannah Ray Lambert, Coffee or Die

A man sits at the window-facing counter of a dive bar in Bremerton, Washington, plotting how to make the best use of his time. A handwritten list in front of him reveals he needs screws from the hardware store, oil, coolant, reef lines, and a flagpole from the marine supply store. An American flag-garnished toothpick left over from Independence Day skewers a lemon wedge resting at the bottom of his glass alongside dying ice cubes. Vodka tonic. From the well. Chunky silver rings adorn his fingers, and a multitude of bracelets scrape the counter as he inks a star next to the words “Confirm OITF.”

Nothing about the man at the counter suggests he was kicked out of two of the world’s most famous grunge bands before becoming an elite member of the US Special Forces. That’s exactly how Jason Everman likes it.

When he’s done with his drink, he packs up his list, and we walk toward the marina where Everman moors his sailboat, one of the places he feels most at home these days. It’s a pleasant 64 degrees with the promise of late afternoon sun — a promise that gets pushed back an hour every time he checks the forecast.


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