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The Future of Conservative Christianity is Working Class and Rural

By Andrew Isker, Gab.Com

A little over a month ago, Tucker Carlson presented a monologue on his show which set off conservative intelligentsia into a fit of impotent rage. The National Review types, who, to a man are as much in touch with the plight of the working man as they are willing and able to change their own oil, were apoplectic that he dare besmirch the economic system that has made our elites rich. Their furor can be summed up as “why don’t those dumb Oxycontin-addled hillbillies just accept some personal responsibility and get a job?” It might be a tiny stretch to say an Ivy League lawyer, a professional blogger, another Ivy League lawyer, and a Wall Street investment banker might not have an entirely accurate understanding of what life is like for poor, rural Americans in 2019.

I grew up, and am now living, in Waseca, MN (population 9,410). We are about 90 minutes from the Twin Cities. The vast majority of the population of our town would be classified as somewhere between working and lower-middle class. What had been the town’s biggest employer, QuadGraphics, closed a plant that had been open for decades. It is a familiar tale for towns like ours all over the United States. Jobs that had provided a decent enough income to support a family have disappeared.


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