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NJ district to remove Woodrow Wilson’s name from high school

Wilson’s alma mater, Princeton, has already renounced him.

By New York Post

A New Jersey school district is planning to rename one of its schools named after former President Woodrow Wilson due to what critics say is a legacy of racism.

The Camden school district will rename 90-year-old Woodrow Wilson High School after voting on the measure nearly 18 months ago, reported.

The campaign for change began with a petition on in 2019 before gaining support last summer after George Floyd was murdered by Minneapolis police, spurring protests nationwide.

A 100-member renaming committee — composed of parents, activists and school officials — was formed last year to pick a new name. Some names that were considered included the late civil rights activist and US Rep. John Lewis, former President Barack Obama and a former superintendent who recently passed away, according to Other simpler names such as East High School and Camden East High School were also considered.


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