Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyer reveals defense strategy: The Bible, ‘manipulated’ victims and a ‘scapegoat’

By and New York Post

Ghislaine Maxwell’s defense attorneys on Monday portrayed her as a scapegoat being accused  because of “the bad behavior of men,”  — one in particular — since prosecutors never had a chance to put late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein on trial.

Her lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, invoked the Bible at the start of her opening statement, arguing that women have been condemned for crimes committed by men  since the beginning of time.

“Ever since Eve was accused of tempting Adam with the apple,” said Sternheim. “Women have been blamed for the bad behavior of men.”

“Ghislaine is on trial here and you heard about the conduct of Jeffrey Epstein. She is filling that hole. And filling an empty chair,” said Sternheim, adding that her client was a “convenient stand-in” for the dead sex offender.

Sternheim also took aim at the four alleged victims in the case, claiming they had been taken advantage of by aggressive civil defense attorneys and, in some cases, are searching for a payday.

“Memory, manipulation and money,” Sternheim repeatedly told jurors would be raised by defense attorneys as they seek to sow doubt in the prosecution’s case.


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