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Siberian coal mine explosion kills dozens

By Bonnie Kristian, Brigid Kennedy The Week

At least 51 people, including several rescue workers, have died following a suspected methane-gas explosion at a Siberian coal mine on Thursday, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Most of the approximate 285 people working in the Listvazhnaya mine were able to evacuate, but some were trapped in a distant underground area, per NBC News. One surviving rescue worker was discovered Friday after being presumed dead, but no other survivors are expected to be found due to high levels of methane and carbon monoxide in the mine, per The Associated Press.

Work at this mine reportedly had been repeatedly suspended over safety issues, and the Russian Investigative Committee in the Kemerovo region has announced it will conduct a criminal investigation.

According to a spokesperson for Rostekhnadzor, Russia’s technology and ecology watchdog, over 900 regulations violations were found at this same mine over the course of 127 inspections this year, The Washington Post reports.


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