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National Conservatism: A Conference in Orlando, Florida

This is the program of the recent “national conservatism” conference. Notice how Peter Thiel seems to be running the show, and the participants are the usual collection of dupes you find in movements funded by neocons and right-wing capitalist oligarchs. There is very little difference between this and “movement conservatism” during earlier times, except they have had to alter their rhetoric in order to accommodate economic and technological changes, along with cultural and demographic change.  Interestingly, Peter Thiel is gay and married to a man, while bankrolling a movement of pretend throne and altar reactionaries. Thiel also has an animus toward Google. Apparently, he is trying to create his own Silicon Valley “right” as a counterpart to the Silicon Valley “left.” In other words, “national conservatism” is just a tool for an intra-class rivalry between tech-oligarchs. Given the heavy Zionist presence in this milieu, it is almost guaranteed that “national conservatism” will be just another neocon front movement.

Conference Schedule

Sunday, October 31
1:00 pm –
4:00 pm
Registration and General Reception
3:00 pm –
4:00 pm
VIP Reception
4:00 pm Welcome and Opening Remarks:
Christopher DeMuthKeynote Address:
Peter Thiel
4:45 pm Breakout I:
A: The Challenge of China
Chair: Ben Weingarten
Michael Pillsbury, “China’s 100 Year Marathon”
Curt Mills, “Why China Matters Heading Into 2024”
David Goldman, “What Happens if China Leads the 4th Industrial Revolution?”
Michael Anton, “America and Taiwan in the 21st Century”B: Marriage, Family, and Nation
Chair: Tom Spence
Scott Yenor, “The Family Form That Nations Need”

Mary Harrington
, “Trads, Cads, and Radfems”
Austin Ruse, “The Newly Established Church Comes for Your Family”
R. Menachem Zupnik, “The Foundations That Must Be Repaired”

C: Popular Culture and the Nation
Chair: Will Chamberlain
Alyssa Cordova, “The Cancel Culture and Conservative Books”
Amanda Milius, “The Movies and the Nation’s Mythology”
Emily Jashinsky
, “Culture Crack-Up”
Batya Ungar-Sargon, “America’s Hidden Class Divide and Our Terrible Media”


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