Democrats are in denial about what they’re up against

By Ryan Cooper The Week

On Friday morning, Democrats passed their Build Back Better agenda through the House. Only hours before their triumphant celebrations, however, reporter Reid Epstein had published a bombshell New York Times article about how Wisconsin Republicans are preparing to set up permanent one-party rule and very possibly use that power to steal the 2024 election in the state.

Thus far, Democratic leadership has done nothing substantial to counter this threat, or even acknowledge it in any serious way. But if they can’t get over their denial and start taking some action, the freedom of the 2024 election is legitimately in question.

Epstein reports the Wisconsin GOP has Big Lie-pilled itself into a frenzy, essentially claiming excuse to set up one-party rule. Several years ago, the party established a new agency, the Wisconsin Elections Commission, to oversee voting in the state. Then, last year, the commission carried out a number of emergency changes to procedures in keeping with the pandemic. Very few cared at the time, because those measures were reasonable and necessary.


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