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Michael Shellenberger: How Progressives Failed America’s Cities

Michael Shellenberger, author of San Fransicko: Why Progressives Ruin Cities, returns to The Realignment to argue that progressive governance has failed on its own terms to address, why he still considers himself a “liberal” even though many on the right are inclined to agree with his critiques, how to address homelessness and housing shortages, and more…

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  1. He feels like his tax dollars are not being used properly. I would agree, but he is typical. You are so, so easy to manipulate! I was a Case Manager, Room Mother and when I needed help. WOW! I live in a “Supportive Services” newly built 35 unit location. I have tried to form a resident association, to volunteer on-site, I have found grants and co-grants and tried to form a neighborhood watch. I have been shot down every time! The local police have a nick name for the location. The was a public asset given to a non-profit! We WANT to work! We have Nothing to do! There has been SIX deaths, mostly overdoses in less than three years. Stop blaming us! DEMAND accountability from those entrusted with you and my tax dollars! I have a degree, worked for years and I can’t believe how lousy people are treated by those who are supposed to help us! You are being manipulated to such a degree and I understand. The legislation, rules and regulations all should great! They might be if they were actually implemented! This is the rub. They are ignored and implemented based on the local political agenda! This allows for abuse of those who are some of the most vulnerable people on the planet; single women, single mothers who are homeless and/or disabled. It is disgusting! That this is going on under the noses of the tax payors, because you are being manipulated into thinking we are refusing services. They are NOT providing them!
    They provide, sub-par services, if they provide them at all. I had found a program myself, the one and only time I spent over a month in a private funded program and my tax funded “Supportive Services” provider placed me in housing where everyone, including the house manager was drinking and/or using. I had about nine months sober!!!!! Please do not take the easy way out and blame those who often want help but it is not available or it so demeaning and degrading it makes it impossible to comply. Like placement is housing with people using and your the only sober one. Yes, I suppose I could have or should have and yes, it is a choice, but my God! That is unfair and cruel! I cry everyday! I have a degree and raised two great kids. My son is a programmer and my daughters is engaged to marry a broker.

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