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  1. The Political Compass is LYING and misleading.
    Compare to the Nolan Chart and World’s Smallest Political Quiz.

    There is a REASON that the Nolan Chart is diamond shaped, not square shaped.

    DONT promote that insane Political Compass!!!

  2. The political compass is garbage, because political movements and ideologies are constantly evolving coalitions with complex motives for certain policies.

    And what you mean by ‘reactionary’ is important. LOLberts are social democrats merged with mercantilists pretending to be Proudhon; the low info prioertarian is just a whore for the corporate state, and the hardcore reactionaries no longer call themselves libertarian or anarchist because they realized that the state doesn’t exist and everything is always about power. I never liked to identify as either libertarian or AnCap because I hate stupid people and Enlightenment rights retardation, but I definitely identify most closely with the latter, Praxian/Post-libertarians, and elements of the nihilist left (edgy syndicalists) and postreligious right.

    I generally now think that anarchy is an empty set and nobody should waste time talking about it. Define the community you actually want to live in and stop arguing about faggoty Platonic theories and fake labels. I fucking hate ‘politics as a religion’ and dumbasses who listen to Jason Stapleton trying to explain Spooner and basic bitch economics to me because they’re too fucking ignorant to recognize how much more I know about everything than them.

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