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  1. This young man must be protected – these criminals planning riots ‘n bodily harm to everyone they come in contact with ‘r bloodthirsty animals from a distant world! They have no goals but Mayhem ‘n Murder to destroy our American way of life,,,, It’s time we take steps to destroy their way of life,,, What Will happen if they take over our Country? Would ‘u – could ‘u live in their ‘world’?,,, Are your children safe tonite? For how long? We must have ‘fighters’ out there that can Stand Together” against Biden and this group of ‘thieves that ‘r stealing our Freedom! Biden will turn our own Federal Forces against us,,, Who can we depend on ? Certainly very few – So, where do we turn for help ? They ‘r not even concerned about anyone coming after them,,,, Strike ‘n disappear,, This is Obama’s “own private Army “ that Soros gave him as a gift – ‘n our money – What else is he ‘n Biden/Harris planning?

    • More of these rioters previously should have been shot, they’d think twice about doing it again. The System is clearly conspiring with the dumbshit left, and that means the latter should be treated as an extension of the former: enemies. The right and everyone who isn’t a System whore or AntiFa needs to realize that this is war, and real some Carl Schmitt about friends and enemies in politics.
      The Twitterati Twatters have already convicted him because he’s a FWM, despite the fact that most of them know nothing about the case, guns, the law, etc. I’ve been telling 3% Braincell Functionality types for years that gun confiscation isn’t the agenda, instead they’ll criminalize all uses and possessions of guns by prisecutorial fiat, and prevent purchasing with all sorts of requirements and disqualifying regulations.

  2. The furtherance of Anarcho-Tyranny. Destroy the public trust, instill the hermeneutics of suspicion, instigate chaos, come marching in to take control.

    The Left/Right divide is a distinction without a difference anymore.

      • Seems to be exactly that. This is not the behavior of a state that is confident in its power and legitimacy of rule. This is the behavior of a state that is teetering on the edge of becoming a failed state. And I honestly do not believe this strategy has a viable outcome.

        Too many on the peripherals of power doubt the motivations of federal agencies. Too many who make up the popular center of the current administration lack the ideological makeup needed to shore up the state.

        At least that’s my take on it for the moment.

      • Not sure if my last comment got through. But if that is in fact their strategy Keith, I would point out that this is not the kind of thing that a regime that is confident in its power and legitimacy engages in.

        It’s the kind of thing that a regime engages in that is teetering on the brink of becoming a failed state. Thats my take on it, at least.

        • Different factions of the ruling class seem to be increasingly aware their system is crumbling and appear to be making contingency plans for either a one-party state of their own faction or something even more extreme. The dominant faction seems to prefer the standard American-style Wilson/Palmer/Hoover/COINTELPRO model of repression, and they are using J6 as a pretest for that. Their right-wing opposition seems to want something like an American Christian Zionist version of Erdoganism, where the plutocrats rake in the money under a facade of “Christian nationalist” rule. At least some of the further left sectors of the elite actually seem to be entertaining the idea of an “American Mugabism” where, if necessary, “anti-racist” or “rainbow” extremism will be used as final, desperate shield against actual anti-capitalism (which seems to be why Twitter is funding Kendi), and which is kind of how the capitalist class in South Africa and Zimbabwe saved themselves.

          • That’s pretty much how I see things. It’s too bad that most politically engaged people have the IQ of tooth paste and would refuse to believe any of that because of their weak egos entirely dependent on tribal narratives. There are still people who think we just need to elect Republicans and somehow they will enforce the Constitution. Trying to discuss how government interpretation of the Constitution makes that impossible and arbitrary as a standard, or why Republicans are actually their enemy who has to be destroyed if they want a political elite who actually care about them, etc. goes straight to YEW AMURIKA HATING COMMIE, YOU LOVE JOE BIDEN.

            Say what we want about the elite and capitalist schemes, it’s the incredible indolence and stupidity of the average person that causes the issue. As long as large numbers of normal people are allowed and encouraged to influence politics I see no way to escape the psychological straightjacket on politics. I don’t even care that most people aren’t anarchists (they’re petty, unprincipled herd animals who ant security and revenge; responsibility, liberty and change scare them), it’s that they’re so goddamn conformist and willfully ignorant that they refuse to think of any way to even effectively get what they want.

            I think this is the biggest failing of classical Marxism, syndicalism and liberalism – the masses don’t care about anything but fitting in and having food, and they’re basically weapons of the predator class against anyone who isn’t a slavish moron.

  3. Has the left-libertarians world produced any people railing against Rittenhouse? Their reflexive rightophobia seems strong enough to overcome the apparent self defense argument.

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