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From Feudal Monarchy to Communism

I usually piss off communists and reactionaries alike with this viewpoint, but communism was largely an outgrowth of monarchism. Communist regimes never came to power on any serious or durable level anywhere outside of largely preindustrial, feudal-agrarian “ancient regime” type of societies. The function of communism was to dispossess the pre-existing ruling class (royalty, aristocracy/nobility, clergy, and early-stage bourgeoisie) and replace it with a new ruling class consisting of the party, military, and technocratic elite. The party leader simply became the new absolute monarch, with regional party bosses becoming the new nobility, and ideology chiefs and propagandists becoming the new clergy.

It could be argued Cuba is something of an anomaly for multiple reasons. First, Cuba is the only country in the Western hemisphere to “go communist” (although Peru came close during the Shining Path insurgency). Also, Cuba was a de facto American colony at the time of the revolution, not really all that much different from Puerto Rico, except for the formalities involved. The dynamics of colonialism and neo-colonialism in the Western hemisphere always had their unique characteristics anyway. Additionally, Castro always seemed to me to be more of a “national socialist” than a Marxist proper. It could be argued that he was simply a fascist-nationalist “national revolutionary” who used Marxist economics (e.g. a nationalized economy) to keep the Yankees out. He also expressed solidarity with another Latin nationalists like Franco and Peron, irrespective of official political ideologies. I really think Che was the Marxist-Leninist true believer in the early Cuban leadership. Che wanted to move away from Sovietism toward Maoism in the latter years of his life. And Raul always wanted to take Cuba in a NEP/Zhouist/Dengist “capitalist roader” direction, which Fidel seemed to oppose because he thought it would lead to the Americans taking over the Cuban economy again.

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