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An (Un)Civil War: The Evangelical Divide

A new episode of CBSN Originals’ Reverb series reveals that as Christian nationalism attracts followers, traditional pastors fear for their faith and the country. Evangelical Christians are a powerful political force, but an extreme faction has divided the community. In the half-hour documentary, An (Un)Civil War: The Evangelical Divide, we hear from pastors on both sides and ask what this battle means for their faith and the future of American democracy.

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  1. > Evangelical Christians are a powerful political force

    Obviously not even close to true, but the Democrats – and their crypto-partisans posturing as “leftists” and “socialists” – love to use Christians as boogeymen, because they know they have zero power.

    Say, how is that whole BDS thing going? Oh, that’s right – nowhere. Because unlike Christians, Jews have power which is why no Democrat would dare criticize a Holy Jew and their apartheid state in Occupied Palestine.

    Ask the Leftist leader, Nancy Pelosi, who admits Congress is more loyal to Israel than America.

    Leftists will suck up to anyone with power. It’s always kiss-up, kick-down with leftist Democrats. Leftists worship power.

    • I’m not sure how to properly handle Jewish power. I’m not concerned with appearing anti-Semitic, not at all. Rather, I don’t want to extend myself too far or hoist myself on my own petard.*

      I think there is a such thing as Jewish or Israeli power that extends well beyond Israel proper, but I think there is also a such thing as Christian power too. Each of these power centers have a unique nature which can be described in detail, I think.

      Dems certainly use Christians as boogeymen, but God knows that Jews are used as
      Boogeymen too.

      Dunno if I added to the discussion here, but I hope I have — these are thoughts your comment inspired in me.

      *my poor attempt at a preface/disclaimer

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