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The once and future idiot king

The article inadvertently explains why Trump is a useful barrier to the return of the Bush/Cheney/neocon regime of the early 2000s.

By Damon Linker, The Week

Donald Trump is many things, but he is first and foremost a moron.

This doesn’t mean he isn’t other things as well — malicious, cruel, greedy, self-obsessed, unusually adept at demagoguery. But above all else, he is an imbecile who led an administration dominated by imbeciles. If he manages to get himself elected president again in 2024, the executive branch of the government in the most powerful nation on Earth will once more be led by half-wits and dopes.

Do you doubt it? How quickly we forget!

The 2020 presidential election took place just over a year ago. It took three days for the results to become sufficiently clear for Joe Biden to be declared the winner. The day after that, Trump’s lawyer and adviser Rudy Giuliani called a press conference at the Four Seasons in Philadelphia to dispute those results. Only instead of the event taking place at the five-star hotel of that name in Center City, it was mistakenly booked at the Four Seasons Total Landscaping company in an outlying industrial part of the city. There he and a small number of staffers and Trump loyalists stood before the press, campaign signs taped to the wall of a garage door.

Over the next two months Giuliani repeatedly advanced Trump’s claims of election fraud in public. On one occasion he did so with black hair dye running down the side of face. He was also joined by several other defenders — people such as My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell, and lawyers Sidney Powell and Lyn Wood, who made claims about the deceased Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chavez somehow manipulating American election results from beyond the grave or China pulling mysterious strings to deny Trump his victory. These were not madmen ranting on some closed-circuit television channel. They were people either working for the president of the United States or granted regular access to the Oval Office, where Trump eagerly drank in their idiocy.


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