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How Republicans could still blow it in 2022

This article inadvertently explains why freaks like Greene, Goser, Boebert, Gaetz, etc. are useful idiots who function as a wrench in the neocon machine.

By Joel Mathis, The Week

Believe it or not, the GOP could still lose next year’s midterm elections. That might seem an obvious point given that we’re a year away from casting and counting votes, but it has quickly become conventional wisdom that a big red wave is about to hit the country. Democrats lost the Virginia governorship last week and nearly did the same in New Jersey. All that’s left for Dems is to await the disaster that is surely coming.

Unless it doesn’t come, because congressional Republicans are capable of screwing up a sure thing.

If you wanted to tank the election for the GOP, you could stand by silently while Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) made common cause against COVID vaccines with the antisemitic conspiracy theorists in Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam, which she did on Monday. The Nation of Islam “sees the use and benefit of Ivermectin and is very angry that our media, Democrats, and Dr Fauci [sic] have attacked the drug and refuse to save people’s lives by not promoting it and shunning the use of it,” Greene tweeted. “We have common ground there.”


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  1. I prefer Farrakhan to anyone in office. And Covid Vaccines can go get AIDS, so can their Big Pharma useful idiots.

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