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DEBATE NIGHT: Charlie Kirk Vs. Atheist, Marxist Professor Ben Burgis

I generally view debates between “social democrats” and “free-market conservatives” the same way I would view a debate between a geo-centrist and a flat-earther. But anyone in a position where they are forced to have a conversation with someone as stupid as Charlie Kirk has my sympathy.

In a long-form, thought-provoking third installment of ‘Debate Night’ — Charlie is joined LIVE from HQ by self-avowed Marxist professor of Philosophy, Atheist apologist, and avid lover of the Post Office—Dr. Ben Burgis—to debate the big ideas surrounding what system of government is most conducive to living a good, free, and prosperous life in America. Coming from a perspective of conservative populism, Charlie takes on Dr. Burgis’ full-throated defense of marxist socialism in a point-by-point, intellectual disagreement that spans a myriad of topics, from healthcare, to taxes, to schools, and much, much more. In the extended edition, presented exclusively here on The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie and Ben dive deep into the meaning of life, religion and atheism, the existence of God, and so much more—available only to those of you who subscribe to the podcast.

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