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Ann Coulter On Trump And Immigration

This interview with Ann Coulter seconds what I have often said about Trump, i.e. that he is simply a neo-Nixonian, a Rockefeller Republican who masquerades as a right-wing populist. Immigration was probably the issue that Trump was the furthest rightward on, and on that issue, he was way to the left of Eisenhower.  As for Sullivan’s fears of Trump leading a right-wing coup, I’m actually much more concerned about figures like Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Tom Cotton (or least the kinds of interests they represent) than I am about Trump. As I have said before, to the degree that Trump cockblocks those guys, he is a useful idiot.

By Andrew Sullivan

She’s the author of 13 NYT bestselling books, including Adios, America. I know, I know. A lot of you are going to get mad at me for this one. If you’re a longtime Dishhead, you may even remember that we once had a Malkin Award every year, and this is how we described it:

The Malkin Award, named after blogger Michelle Malkin, is for shrill, hyperbolic, divisive and intemperate right-wing rhetoric. Ann Coulter is ineligible — to give others a chance.

I once described Coulter as a “drag queen posing as a fascist.” But, I’ll be honest, I’ve come to admire her the last couple of years for taking on Trump — for breaking his promises on immigration. Agree or disagree, that took a certain amount of courage, given her audience. I also met her, and found her much more intriguing than you’d expect from the public image. I’m not sure I grilled her hard enough in this podcast, but I did try to flush out some inconsistencies.


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