Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy

Tankies are just the Eastern world’s version of Republicans

An unpopular opinion.
Tankies are just the Eastern world’s version of Republicans. I agree with most tankie criticisms of Western imperialism, even if their own perspective is horrid. Western “anti-imperialism” seems to come in three basic forms:
-Conservative anti-imperialism (e.g. Pat Buchanan), which argues that empire-building is impractical, too expensive, or “not in the national interest” (whatever that means).
-Liberal anti-imperialism (which includes most social democrats, Trotskyists, and left-anarchists as well) who are only “anti-imperialism” when it advances liberalism.
-Marxist anti-imperialism, which is more thorough in its critique of Western capitalist imperialism, but limits its anti-imperialism to capitalist imperialism only.
Afghan tribespeople reclaiming their country from Western and/or Russian invaders, Sentinelese Islanders shooting arrows at Western missionaries, and Papua New Guinean cannibals abducting and eating Western tourists are far more “anti-imperialist” than most ideological “anti-imperialists.”
May be an image of text that says 'Midwestern Marx @MarxMidwest You can't even support the end of serfdom in Tibet without making the Western Left mad. They must think the Dalai Lama was far too mystical and wise to have own slaves and gouged out the eyes of his subjects.'

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