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Socialist Patriotism: America vs. America

It’s interesting how a lot of tankies seem to be increasingly taking their tankieism more seriously.

Grayson and Henry from the Infrared Collective put the final nail in the coffin to the claim, made by various self-proclaimed American ‘communists’ and ‘socialists,’ that socialism is incompatible with American patriotism. They break down the fundamental inter-relatedness between socialism and patriotism, as well as demonstrate, by reference to textual and historical facts, that patriotism has always been a given and self-evident reality for socialists. It has only been very recently, as a result of the influence of the New Left that American leftists, influenced by cold war propaganda, have made socialism and communism anti-patriotic and anti-social catchwords. Special thanks to Caleb Maupin, who has, often entirely on his own, been forwarding and defending these same ideas as early as 2016.

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