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Road Map for a Constitutional Coup: The Republican Plan for Legislative Nullification of the Popular Vote for President

Both parties appear to be developing plans for the creation of a one-party state. Compare this article with the contents of this article from a few years ago. What this indicates is that the electoral system is losing its perceived legitimacy because the two sides view victory by the other side as by definition illegitimate.

By Jonathan M. Winer, Washington Spectator

It has now become clear that the efforts of Donald Trump and his supporters to overturn the 2020 elections were a multi-front attack.

The newest revelations have further detailed the scheme devised by conservative lawyer John Eastman to convince Vice President Pence to overturn the election results on January 6, 2021, the day the House and Senate were scheduled to convene a joint session to certify the election results.

As revealed in Bob Woodward and Bob Costa’s new book Peril, and more recently confirmed by Eastman himself, Eastman met with Trump and Pence on January 4 and laid out a roadmap for Pence to subvert the Constitution and declare Trump the winner. Eastman urged Pence to exclude the electoral votes of any states in which there were disputes over electors Pence refused to take that path advocated by Trump and Eastman, and consistent with the Constitution, presided over the counting of the electoral votes of every state and declared Joe Biden the President.

Eastman’s efforts ultimately led nowhere. But another plot, discussed by the senior officials of the Department of Justice in the same period, while also never implemented, provided a step-by-step blueprint not only for 2020 but for future constitutional coups by legislatures in states under full partisan Republican control, enabling them to change the results of the popular vote.

That plan, drafted by the then-number three at Justice, Jeffrey Bossert Clark, Assistant Attorney General for the Environment and Natural Resources Division, amounts to a road map for the current and future efforts by Trump and his Republican allies to ensure that he, or another Republican, secures the presidency in 2024 regardless of who wins the popular vote or the true Electoral College vote.


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  1. This whole thing is such a farce ! We all know about the New World Order that was planned by Bushes’’ relatives, among others- to allow the Elites to take over the world,,,, no borders, no personal ownership, two class society,everything owned by world gvt,,,,no cash,, the WHO in charge of med, etc…. Who do you think ‘u ‘r kidding! This is no joke,pal! If ‘u think ‘u can do this, God has other plans,,, Do ‘u really believe all the ‘poor’ living in camps’ will all reman dumb ‘n stupid because of what ‘ur “scientists” feed them – I have news for ‘u,,It’s not going to work forever,,,, And what about ‘ur prescious “pedo” plans ‘r ? Guess again!! Some day we will rise again,,,,,,! It may have to be with another “Trump”. But we will rise again – no-one lives forever! !

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